You Need Good Nutrition

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Nutrition is about what you put in your body. It is a extensive subject. However, this articles primary focus will be on food, since that is a big part of a persons overall health.

A healthy diet that has natural foods such as veggies, fruits, whole grains, protein (lean meats), and dairy (low fat) is the key to having excellent nutrition.

Green veggies should be the chief food in your diet. Even though they may not taste as good as a slice of pizza, veggies have more nutritional value that is imperative for excellent health. They contain many vitamins your body needs, and by eating a variety of veggies you can ensure that youre getting them. Raw veggies are also high in fiber, and low in calories and fat, which make them a great healthy choice for snacks and meals.

Whole grains are another food that are healthy for your body. Notice I said WHOLE grains. Try to stay away from white-processed flour as there is barely any nutritional value in it. During the grain refining process almost all vitamins and minerals are taken out, as well as much of the fiber. Not to mention the fact that they bleach the flour, which puts chemicals in your body that shouldnt be there! So eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread, and whole rolled oats instead of instant.

Whole fresh fruits are another beneficial food group for your overall health and nutrition. They contain vitamins and fiber much like veggies do, but fruit is much sweeter which makes them great for when your sweet tooth starts acting up.

Another significant part of nutrition is protein. Protein can be found not only in lean meats and nuts, but also in veggies. Go for smaller portions of meats if you desperately have to have it however, and choose leaner meats such as chicken or fish over red meats such as beef.

Dairy is significant to keep in your diet as well. It is one of the primary sources of calcium which is significant for keeping your entire body functioning properly. However, you should eat low-fat dairy products to cut down on your fat intake.

As we all know, we should limit our fat intake. So do this by staying away from foods high in fat. Also, try to steer clear of fried foods, processed foods, and foods high in sugar and salt.

Eating healthy is just one way you can have better nutrition. Do some more research on it and youll be well on your way to having good overall health and nutrition.

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