Question and Answer: Sub bread (hot dog & burger buns too)

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    This question came to me from a dear lady who has just grown leaps and bounds in her knowledge of eating healthy and caring for her family! Hopefully her question and the following answer will help inspire you to 'think outside the bread-box' and make more whole wheat breads for many options!

    Question: " hi could you tell me how to make your bread in to a sub bread - I mean how do you make the long subway bread?"

    Answer: A regular loaf recipe will make 4-6 sub rolls. You can decide what size you want - 4 rolls would make bigger rolls each than 6.

    Divide the loaf after the first rise into 4 or 6 equal portions (weighing helps that) then roll each out on a greased surface like you would make a short snake with playdoh or a cigar shape.

    Then set all 4 or 6 into a glass pyrex baking dish (like a casserole size, not a 9 x9 - but bigger rectangular one) with a little room to rise.

    Before they rise, right after shaping, you can brush with olive oil and garnish with a bit of sesame seeds and Parmesan and Italian herbs for that 'subway' type taste. (o:

    Let them rise at least 30 minutes just like the bread, or until doubled (sometimes it is a little longer for subs because you broke up the yeast).

    When risen, bake as you would the bread - center rack, 350, for about 17-18 minutes.

    Have fun!!

    Hot dog buns are done the exact same way, just 8 of them (smaller) same recipe. Hamburger buns the same just shape like 8 hockey pucks (o:

    Blessings dear Sister!!!

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