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2 Responses to “Newsletter and Recipes on the WAY!”

  1. Please consider putting a search feature here on your blog and on your website. I made Bree’s tweaked No-Bake Chocolate & PB Oatmeal cookies tonight. I had written down the recipe months ago. Now I would like to share on FB these wonderful cookies and I can’t find the recipe online anywhere. This is not the only time I’ve tried to find something on your site that I had read in the past and couldn’t find it.

  2. Hi Chelle!
    Thanks for the comment. I will pass that on to the tech dept.

    Since this is just a ‘blog’ and not really the whole site it’s more of my thought process and tips than anything. The reason you can’t find Bree’s No-Bake Chocolate & PB Oatmeal Cookies anywhere on line (or some other things I’ve mailed out) is because they are an exclusive to the wonderful people who are on the monthly recipe email list (like YOU!)….it’s like being in a secret club! (o:

    But I do see your point for being able to share the blog. We’ll work on it.

    Here are some other links that may have more info for sharing that are more user friendly than this blog….

    MILLERS GRAIN HOUSE Facebook Fan Page* –
    MILLERS GRAIN HOUSE Youtube Video Tutorials –
    MILLERS GRAIN HOUSE Radio Show (Live and Archived Episodes) –

    *PS: If you are a FB Fan, you get the Newsletter Archives link each month….so you can look up old Newsletter recipes to share (Bree’s No-Bakes are in there) (o:

    Hope this has been helpful information in light of not having another way to share from this specific site…I don’t mean to overload but we do have a lot of info out on the net in a lot of various forms! (o:

    Best Blessings my friend!
    Thanks for the tip!