I saved enough money to buy my Grain mill!

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Tip #3 - You do WHAT? Why bother? - Part Three

Now that you have triedthe previous tips and attempted to reason with friends and family that it is more healthy, and you can make a cheaper/healthier loaf of bread and that the storage life is longer, you may be, like I was, trying to convince yourself that you can DO this (Ican, right?). Here are a few more little tips I have learned to show myself why to bother:

  • It takes no more time than grabbing a bag of dead flour. Throw the grains in the Nutrimill, turn it on and by the time Ive gathered the other ingredients for the recipe, the mill is done.
  • Even the Nutrimill has saved us money! We eat pizza every Friday night. We used to order 3 Large pizzas from Papa Johns, Dominos or Little Caesars. At the tune of between $30-$40 any given Friday. Now I make pizzacrusts ahead of time and use fresh ingredients (and I might add less fats/grease) and make 3 16 inch pizzas for $10.00 total! In less than three months, we had paid for the mill on pizza nights alone!
  • Last but not least, you dont have to start our as a purist. If you HAVE to add, change or substitute a pinch here and there to get your family to eat the freshly milled grains that are so packed with nutrients, then just do that until you have experimented enough to use only the grains you mill. Using even 3/4 of a cup of freshly milled wheat vs. the usual dead bagged flour gives your family more fiber, E and other phyto nutrients than they can get from fast foods or frozen waffles.
  • Relax. EnJOY it!Now not only are you convinced because of these little tips, but your friends and family will see the confidence in you and not worry that you will soon begin brushing your teeth with sugar or go back to believing the world is flat, just because you mill grains at home. Milling grains at home is notold fashioned, it just makes good sense.To purchase a quality mill, visit our site at: http://www.grainmiller.com

    To purchase a quality mill, visit our site at: