Whole Grains Are Much More Beneficial Than You May Think

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Whole grains offer many health benefits. By making grains a part of your daily diet you will be increasing your fiber intake, increasing high quality protein intake, and decreasing your risk for many future health problems.

Whole grains provide better nutritional value than refined grains these may have lost some nutrients and fiber in the milling process. Make a healthy choice by opting for brown bread and brown rice over the white variety. Encourage your child to have oats, cornmeal and barley. Children in the age group 2 to 8 must have 3 to 5 ounces of grain every day. One ounce of grain equals one slice of bread, half cup of rice or pasta or a cup of cereal.

How to Make Bread at Home

Whole grains contain 100% of the contents included in the original seed, or kernel, from which they derive. The entire whole grain kernel consists of the bran, endosperm and germ. These three elements must be present in order to qualify as whole grain.


milling grain

To some, the concept of milling grain at home may appear to be a rather time consuming task. However, as time consuming as it might seem, it does hold some exceptional benefits. It is an unfortunate fact that very few families consider milling their own grain simply because of the convenience that comes from purchasing flour and other meal ingredients from local stores. However, by making the benefits of milling your own grain known, more families than ever will not only reap the benefit of saved money over time, but all will also reap the massive health benefits which come from natural, GM free foods.

How to Make Bread at Home

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Great River Organic Milling Organic Whole Grains Soft White Winter Wheat, 50-Pounds

Great River Organic Milling Organic Whole Grains Soft White Winter Wheat, 50-Pounds

Great River Organic Milling Organic Whole Grains Soft White Winter Wheat, 50-Pounds

  • One, 50-pound bag
  • Certified organic; non-GMO grains
  • Lower protein and gluten content make for light flour and a tender baked good
  • Used primarily for cake or pastry flour
  • Used only for unyeasted products or

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