The endosperm is all that’s left for nutrition.

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So what nutrients are left in a bag of flour that has been sitting on the shelf? We can take into consideration the fact that we know from what has been removed, it is NOT 100% of the nutrients as if the whole kernel were consumed.The inner part of a wheat kernel known as the 'endosperm' consists of mostly starch. This is the source of white flour.  Although the endosperm is about 83% of the whole kernel's mass - it contains:

only 43% of it's pantothenic acid.

only 32% of it's riboflavin.

only 12% of it's niacin.

only 6% of it's pyridoxineo.

nly 3% of it's thiamine.

and only about 70-75% of the whole kernel's protein.

Why eat only a portion of these vital nutrients when a whole grain contains 100% of them? We have been lulled into the supposed convenience of flour on the shelf.  These percentages are not even taking into account that there is an oxidation process AFTER the white flour sits on the self that further depletes the nutritional value of what little is left.

Studies have been done on many ailments since the processing (stripping for shelf purposes) of whole grains in the early 1900's.  Gout, anemia, diabetes and depression are just a few of the ailments that can all be linked to vitamin deficiencies that are missing in refined flours after the turn of the century and the convenience of shelf flour.

The answer to many health issues is to use the whole grain as it was intended. Fresh, live and whole is what is best for your body.  It takes no more time to mill your own flour at home than it does to gather the ingredients for pancakes. Do your body and your family a favor by feeding them ALL the nutrients designed in grains rather than partial, processed and packed convenient 'dead' flours.  Best Home Mill on the Market!  See it in Action: HEREGo buy it HERE

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