Is it a Grain Mill or a Grain Grinder?

Grinder? Mill? Berry? Kernel?

Options abound when talking about what a whole grain is actually called. Some people call them berries, other folks call them kernels and still some of the whole grain foods are actually seeds. Not unlike the tiny jewel being called different names, what people call the apparatus that turns it in to whole grain flour also differs greatly yet means the same thing.

Terms used to describe a mill are often confusing. An electric grain mill is also called an electric grain grinder. An electric grain mill or electric grain grinder uses a steel burr rather than stone grind. A manual mill or a hand grinder is the same thing. It is one that requires no electricity but manual power to grind grain.

If you are interested in the freshest whole wheat flour (and other whole grain flours) you can get then you are likely looking in to home milling. No matter which one you call it, mill or grinder, investing in a home mill is the surest and more economical means to adding whole grain foods to your family’s diet.

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