Using the Beans and Grains in Ezekiel flour

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Here's another great tip to Milling Grain.

Most vegetarians know that combining a legume (bean) and whole grain make a complete amino acid (protein). Most frugal and starving artists know that beans and rice is a good hearty meal for pennies. Most Southerners know that pintos and a grain (cornbread or rice) can cook all day and fill you up for all night! So why not combine these into a useful flour?

Funny you should ask. Seems that someOne thought of that long ago. In Ezekiel 4:9, God gave the prophet a recipe. Ezekiel was to eat only that recipe for 430 days. I would say for that length of time and given the Author of that cook book, it must have been a pretty complete spectrum of nutrients, dont you think?

We sell the combination of grains and beans that make up an Ezekiel Flour, but there are a few tricks to using this flour.

  • Mill this mixture of organic beans and grains on whatever level your mill will take the largest bean.
  • If you use it for fasting as Ezekiel did. Follow the recipe we send you with it.
  • If you want to use it to make complete protein pancakes, waffles or tortillas use half whole wheat and half Ezekiel Flour. We think the taste is better than straight Ezekiel flour pancakes.
  • If you want to make a loaf bread, you will need to decrease the moisture of your usual recipe and increase the vital wheat gluten that you usually add to over compensate for the low gluten grains and beans.
  • It also makes a great soup!
  • Have fun experimenting with this flour. The taste is quite powerful - but it is packed with nutrients