Eating a healthy, balanced diet includes whole grains.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet doesn't have to be a life of depravity or boredom! You don't even have to deny yourself some of your favorites - you just have to learn how to make them more healthy and in the current economy, more budget friendly.

One food group that often gets a 'bad wrap' (pun intended) is grains. Because grains are a carbohydrate they are one of the newest things on the chopping block to get dismissed from the 'low carb' diet craze. Sadly, by omitting this vital micro-nutrient, your body can be missing much needed sustenance.

On our  radio show (see the new tab above) we will be discussing how to balance healthy whole grains and even special treats into your diet (from a budgetary view point) and be able to enjoy all the goodness that is missing - while still reaching your healthy weight goals.