Challah – Braided Bread a tasty tradition

Each Fall, my heart turns to more regular baking. Although every Friday night consists of Pizza and Challa made from fresh milled whole wheat, Fall has a special baking place in my heart.

Challah, also known to many as a Braided Bread, has a rich tradition for each Friday night in the Hebrew nation of Israel.  I enjoy the braiding and decorating of the loaf, because it sets it apart from the regular loaves of bread I make thrthroughout the week. As usual the recipe makes enough to have two loaves of sweet and fluffy bread. One we eat with our pizza and the other makes us get through the weekend without having to bake again! So Mama gets a little break.

This tradition us not only found in the Bible, but the smell and texture of this special loaf of bread helps us to memtally prepare for a restful weekend to enjoy our family!

You don't have to be Jewish or Hebrew to enjoy this tradition...give it a try.