Tips to using Organic Brown Rice

Brown rice is better for you than white rice. It has more nutrients and more fiber. It is lower on the glycemic index (blood sugar spiking stuff) than it's white alternative. But no matter how you try to 'sell' it, some people think brown rice is hard to switch to. The truth is it just takes following a few tips.

There are a few tips to using organic brown rice in place of the (conveniently stripped of all nutrition) minute or instant rice.

Tip #1: Soak, Rinse and Drain
If you are cooking brown rice the traditional way (simmered in a covered pot) then soak it for about half an hour in water that covers the top. Drain it in a strainer and rinse just before you put it in the boiling water. This will soften the nutritious hull and make it cook more like stripped rice.

Tip #2: Don't over or under cook
Over cooked brown rice gets mushy. Under cooked brown rice is tough or chewy. The little bit of time you pay attention to this is well worth the pay off of tasty healthy rice.

Tip #3: Use your oven
For almost perfect brown rice (tastes, feels and acts just like the white rice) use the oven to cook it. In the month of December, I will be sending my 'Oven Brown Rice" Recipe out in our December Newsletter. If you want to learn this fool-proof trick (that saves a pot for cooking and takes the same time as the chicken, roast or turkey in the oven) then subscribe to our newsletter in the drop down box that is/was here when you first visited!

You may never fix rice the same ole way again!

Best Blessings!
Donna Miller
Owner, Millers Grain House

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