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Here is a Special Recipe for Whole Wheat Baking Mix

If you enjoy baking with fresh milled whole wheat you will love the recipe below.   This is the perfect time of year to begin trying delicious new recipes, and to share with friends. Whole Wheat Baking Mix 4 cups flour 4 cups wheat flour 1/4 cup baking powder 2 teaspoons salt 1 1/2 cups nonfat […] Read more

Can Carbohydrates from Whole Grains Help You Lose Weight?

Carbohydrates are often the first thing people want to cut out of their diet when looking to lose weight. Carbs are seen as unhealthy, as they are usually linked to foods that are a dieter’s worst enemy, such as cake, cookies and pizza. However, whole grains are also a great source of carbs, and by […] Read more

Boost your diet by drinking your grains

When you think of whole grains and wheat, you most likely picture a bowl of wonderfully healthy organic oats, or maybe you see a field of barley. You may even think of your favorite recipes: a loaf of bread fresh from the oven, your morning whole wheat bagels or even a granola muffin. However, if you’re looking […] Read more

The Startling Truth About Enriched Wheat Flour (White Flour)

Open your bread box and review the active ingredients of your favorite bread. Possibilities are the first ingredient is unfortunately going to be enriched wheat flour. What does "enriched" imply? Enriched flour is flour in which many of the natural vitamins and minerals have actually been extracted. This is accomplished in order to allegedly Read more

Home-made Whole Wheat Bagels

Bagels are a comfort food in our home. The moist chewy inside and the outer coating that pulls away with a little tug are unique to a bagel. I often get a craving for something baked that only a home-made whole wheat bagel will satisfy. Bagels can be tricky little endeavors to undertake. Not that […] Read more

Whole Wheat English Muffins

Making freshly milled whole wheat goodies does not have to be limited to loaf bread! This took me a while to figure out - but once I did, there was no limit to the home made whole wheat alternatives I would try. I used to purchase things like pita pockets, bagels and English Muffins because […] Read more

Fresh Whole Wheat Pasta

Making Whole Wheat Pasta at home is very easy and affordable. Home-made whole pasta is not only better for your budget and fun to make, it also tastes much better than the boxed whole wheat pasta from the store. Most pasta recipes are nothing more than water and flour. Some recipes call for eggs but […] Read more

Disease Fighting Foods You Should Eat to Live Longer

Part of aging gracefully is choosing a diet that is healthy. How about one that can even fight off disease? For many years now, scientists have shown that a healthy diet can prevent a number of diseases such as diabetes, some forms of cancer and even heart disease. As time goes on, the list continues […] Read more

Practical Implications of Milling and Baking with Whole Grains

Are you part of the 96% of North Americans over the age of 12 who haven’t met their current whole grain dietary recommendation?  Are you aware that half of your daily grain servings should come from whole grain products? Whole grains are an excellent dietary vehicle for delivering health-promoting nutrients that you body needs.  These Read more

Sprouting Grains

The newest nutritional information truly supports incorporating some (if not all) grains in your diet to be sprouted (thus also soaked).   Now admittedly, I am still a die-hard fan of simply fresh-milling the grain and using it immediately, but there are some very good nutritional (and taste) bonuses to sprouting the grain, dehydrating it Read more