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How do I eat more whole grains?

This is the eve of the New Year, 2009. One of the resolutions for many people is to eat more healthy and take charge of thier nutrition. Today I was asked a very simple (yet also could get confusing) question: How do I eat more whole grains? The FDA has said to make at least […] Read more

Tips to using Organic Brown Rice

Brown rice is better for you than white rice. It has more nutrients and more fiber. It is lower on the glycemic index (blood sugar spiking stuff) than it's white alternative. But no matter how you try to 'sell' it, some people think brown rice is hard to switch to. The truth is it just […] Read more
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New inventory of Organic Grains

We got another shipment of organic grains in today. Our inventory now includes: ORGANIC White Basmati Rice ORGRANIC Brown Basmati Rice ORGANIC Spelt ORGANIC Barley We still have a wide variety of Wheats - both organic and chemical free to choose from. Rice was back ordered for MANY weeks! We are happy to have some […] Read more