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Challah – Braided Bread a tasty tradition

Each Fall, my heart turns to more regular baking. Although every Friday night consists of Pizza and Challa made from fresh milled whole wheat, Fall has a special baking place in my heart. Challah, also known to many as a Braided Bread, has a rich tradition for each Friday night in the Hebrew nation of […] Read more

Day Class in Miller’s Creek, NC

MILLERS GRAIN HOUSE is having a Day Class at Miller's Creek Baptist Church !! in Miller's Creek, NC 10:00AM -7:00PM - Saturday - October 9, 2010 We'd LOVE to have YOU join us !! Learn how to stretch your food dollars using healthy, whole foods. Learn how to make healthy foods convenient. Learn to use […] Read more

Wondermill (electric) & Junior Deluxe (manual) MILLS ON SALE!

The sale will end August 31, 2010 or while supplies last! The Wondermill (electric) Is down from $269.95 to $239.95 Save: 11% off and Shipping to the lower 48 US States is FREE The Wonedermill Jr. Deluxe (manual) Is down from $219.95 to $199.95 Save: 9% off and Shipping to the lower 48 US States […] Read more

Why do I mill grains at home? Part 3

Now that you have tried the previous tips and attempted to reason with friends and family that it is more healthy, and you can make a cheaper/healthier loaf of bread and that the storage life is longer, you may be, like I was, trying to convince yourself that you can DO this (I can, right?). […] Read more

Why do I mill grains at home? Part #2

If you already read Part One of this tip, then you may or may not have peaked the curiosity of former nay-sayers. You may still need more explanation for why you are thinking of or currently milling at home. After all, inquiring minds want to know. The second tip to answering the questions of why […] Read more

Why do I mill at home? – Part 1

Okay, I will be the first to admit it, I was not raised to be a domestic person. When I first heard of milling grain at home I was puzzled and thought it was a far fetched idea, time consuming and a big mess. It didn’t take me long to see how wrong I was. […] Read more

Tip #2 to milling grains for fresh flour – measuring.

Measure correctly to avoid excess flour after grinding. One of the BIGGEST reasons for grinding grains is the immediate release of all those nutrients. If you end up with a cup or more of flour just sitting there, oxidizing, dying and loosing not only wastes precious fresh flour - it defeats the purpose. A […] Read more

The Next Call-in Radio Show

HEY!!! An invitation! Come listen in or call in to my new Radio Show! HOME MILLING FOR HEALTH & BUDGET Is home milling really more healthy and better on the budget? As a 'cheap health nut' I've done the math and the research and the answer is YES. Find out more on the call.... THURS […] Read more

Diagnosis of gluten sensitivity…leads to home milling.

This could be either a really long post or a short and simple one. I'm not sure how it will turn out. What I mean is I could make it long, but the outcome is quite simple so it could be brief. Anyway, here goes nothing.... ?????? ????? ???? Several years ago I was diagnosed […] Read more

New Mother's Day Treat in next newsletter

Be sure to sign up for the next newsletter. It is sure to be a treat for Mother's Day (oh, but it will be out next week!) Speaking of Mother's Day there are two GREAT sales going on until Mother's Day (or while supplies last, we sold out last sale within 2 days!): ! Both […] Read more