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Exactly how Are Whole Grains Different From Enriched Grains

White or fine-tuned grains are lighter in shade compared to entire grains since the dark, outer layer of wheat bran has been gotten rid of. Researchers know that white wheat is less healthy and balanced for us compared to entire grain wheat. \"The whiter the bread, the sooner you're dead\" is a well-liked claiming among […] Read more

Home-made Whole Wheat Bagels

Bagels are a comfort food in our home. The moist chewy inside and the outer coating that pulls away with a little tug are unique to a bagel. I often get a craving for something baked that only a home-made whole wheat bagel will satisfy. Bagels can be tricky little endeavors to undertake. Not that […] Read more

Is it a Grain Mill or a Grain Grinder?

Options abound when talking about what a whole grain is actually called. Some people call them berries, other folks call them kernels and still some of the whole grain foods are actually seeds. Not unlike the tiny jewel being called different names, what people call the apparatus that turns it in to whole grain flour […] Read more


Quinoa (pronounced KeenWah) has been enjoying a rebirth from its origin as a sacred grain to the early Incas, thanks to its high protein and calcium content and sweet and nutty flavor. Most quinoa is ..... Read more

Sprouting Grains

The newest nutritional information truly supports incorporating some (if not all) grains in your diet to be sprouted (thus also soaked).   Now admittedly, I am still a die-hard fan of simply fresh-milling the grain and using it immediately, but there are some very good nutritional (and taste) bonuses to sprouting the grain, dehydrating it Read more

Grain Specific on Tonight’s Radio Show: Oats

Getting Grain Specific: Sewing some (wild) oats on tonight's Radio Show! Home-made Granola, High Protein Granola Bars, Healthy 'flavored' Instant Oats, and more ideas for oats to go  where  no oat has gone before! Tune in and get your links,  recipes and inspiration to turn this 'gruel' into a useful  menu  stretching tool!  Read more
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Challah – Braided Bread a tasty tradition

Each Fall, my heart turns to more regular baking. Although every Friday night consists of Pizza and Challa made from fresh milled whole wheat, Fall has a special baking place in my heart. Challah, also known to many as a Braided Bread, has a rich tradition for each Friday night in the Hebrew nation of […] Read more

Day Class in Miller’s Creek, NC

MILLERS GRAIN HOUSE is having a Day Class at Miller's Creek Baptist Church !! in Miller's Creek, NC 10:00AM -7:00PM - Saturday - October 9, 2010 We'd LOVE to have YOU join us !! Learn how to stretch your food dollars using healthy, whole foods. Learn how to make healthy foods convenient. Learn to use […] Read more

Price of wheat on the rise as Russia bans exporting.

Russia has experienced one of the worst draughts in history. Due to this and the current economic climate, this once huge exporter of wheat will NOT be exporting wheat until further notice. The wheat exporting ban in Russia is likely to do more than hurt only neighboring countries. What does this mean for the USA? […] Read more

Bulk Food-Storage for Grains, Beans and more….

We have extended the sale on the remaining inventory of the BPA-Free. Spin-Lid Bulk Storage Pails. If you want to know what others are saying about these, please follow this link: Don't just take our word for it...look at the testimonials....these are fantastic for bulk, air and moisture lock out storage. The Millers own Read more