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Is it a Grain Mill or a Grain Grinder?

Options abound when talking about what a whole grain is actually called. Some people call them berries, other folks call them kernels and still some of the whole grain foods are actually seeds. Not unlike the tiny jewel being called different names, what people call the apparatus that turns it in to whole grain flour […] Read more

Nutrimill Grain Mill Review

In 2004, I bought our very first grain mill  and began a lifelong passion for freshly milled grains! Given my current state of domestic dysfunction, I was very unsure of what I was getting into and  doubted that I could even accomplish this task of home milling, but the features of the Nutrmill soon gave […] Read more

Sprouting Grains

The newest nutritional information truly supports incorporating some (if not all) grains in your diet to be sprouted (thus also soaked).   Now admittedly, I am still a die-hard fan of simply fresh-milling the grain and using it immediately, but there are some very good nutritional (and taste) bonuses to sprouting the grain, dehydrating it Read more

Day Class in Miller’s Creek, NC

MILLERS GRAIN HOUSE is having a Day Class at Miller's Creek Baptist Church !! in Miller's Creek, NC 10:00AM -7:00PM - Saturday - October 9, 2010 We'd LOVE to have YOU join us !! Learn how to stretch your food dollars using healthy, whole foods. Learn how to make healthy foods convenient. Learn to use […] Read more

My manual grain mill grinds so fine.

If you are looking for a hand powered manual mill for milling grains, and dry items into flour, but also want to mill moist, sprouted and oily seeds - there are very few on the market. The BEST manual grain mill I have EVER had the chance to get my hands on is: The Wondermill […] Read more

Whole Grains; a vital part of a plant-based diet

The CDC, FDA and many other American government agencies are taking a serious look at supporting a plant-based diet. Why the sudden turn? Perhaps they are finally realizing that a plant-based diet has long time been recommended by experts in the fight against cancer, diabetes and obesity. All of which are hot topics and health […] Read more

Wondermill (electric) & Junior Deluxe (manual) MILLS ON SALE!

The sale will end August 31, 2010 or while supplies last! The Wondermill (electric) Is down from $269.95 to $239.95 Save: 11% off and Shipping to the lower 48 US States is FREE The Wonedermill Jr. Deluxe (manual) Is down from $219.95 to $199.95 Save: 9% off and Shipping to the lower 48 US States […] Read more

Why do I mill grains at home? Part 3

Now that you have tried the previous tips and attempted to reason with friends and family that it is more healthy, and you can make a cheaper/healthier loaf of bread and that the storage life is longer, you may be, like I was, trying to convince yourself that you can DO this (I can, right?). […] Read more

Why do I mill at home? – Part 1

Okay, I will be the first to admit it, I was not raised to be a domestic person. When I first heard of milling grain at home I was puzzled and thought it was a far fetched idea, time consuming and a big mess. It didn’t take me long to see how wrong I was. […] Read more

TIP #3: Hard, Soft, Red or White – Easy differences.

Freshly ground whole wheat is wonderful! But not all recipes work the same with one type of wheat. Here is a breakdown of wheat types and which recipe to use them: ~ HARD wheat is best for breads and items that require high rising. ~ SOFT wheat is best for pastries and flat breads such […] Read more