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Just fun. Instructions for loading a dishwasher.

There is not a derogatory thought in my head toward men when it comes to this most skilled and confusing household chore. It is a conundrum almost as baffling as figuring out a woman. So rest assured, this is not meant to belittle or divide men and women but to aid in settling an age […] Read more
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Home-made Whole Wheat Bagels

Bagels are a comfort food in our home. The moist chewy inside and the outer coating that pulls away with a little tug are unique to a bagel. I often get a craving for something baked that only a home-made whole wheat bagel will satisfy. Bagels can be tricky little endeavors to undertake. Not that […] Read more

Whole Wheat English Muffins

Making freshly milled whole wheat goodies does not have to be limited to loaf bread! This took me a while to figure out - but once I did, there was no limit to the home made whole wheat alternatives I would try. I used to purchase things like pita pockets, bagels and English Muffins because […] Read more

Flavors of Instant Oatmeal without the junk.

Making your own versions of the artificially flavored and preservative laden convenience foods is something I've endeavored to do for quite some time. It is not only better for you and more healthy for your body, but it is more cost effective as well. Some options for flavors are as simple as dried apples and […] Read more
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Fresh Whole Wheat Pasta

Making Whole Wheat Pasta at home is very easy and affordable. Home-made whole pasta is not only better for your budget and fun to make, it also tastes much better than the boxed whole wheat pasta from the store. Most pasta recipes are nothing more than water and flour. Some recipes call for eggs but […] Read more

Wondermill (electric) & Junior Deluxe (manual) MILLS ON SALE!

The sale will end August 31, 2010 or while supplies last! The Wondermill (electric) Is down from $269.95 to $239.95 Save: 11% off and Shipping to the lower 48 US States is FREE The Wonedermill Jr. Deluxe (manual) Is down from $219.95 to $199.95 Save: 9% off and Shipping to the lower 48 US States […] Read more

Cinnamon Swirls for a dear friend!

I made these for a dear DEAR friend who was allowing three of us to invade her home for four straight days!! She and her husband were so gracious to allow us there! They are easy and fun to make..... Just a variation of my practically "Fool Proof Whole Wheat Bread" Recipe... here Just add […] Read more

New Fat Free Whole Grain Recipe

The next set of recipes in the series of whole grain recipes is going to focus on low to fat free recipes. In the oven - right NOW is the last 'tweak' I've made to a tasty granola! Newsletter due out this week with this recipe!! Read more

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Why do I mill grains at home? Part 3

Now that you have tried the previous tips and attempted to reason with friends and family that it is more healthy, and you can make a cheaper/healthier loaf of bread and that the storage life is longer, you may be, like I was, trying to convince yourself that you can DO this (I can, right?). […] Read more