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Bulk Food-Storage for Grains, Beans and more….

We have extended the sale on the remaining inventory of the BPA-Free. Spin-Lid Bulk Storage Pails. If you want to know what others are saying about these, please follow this link: Don't just take our word for it...look at the testimonials....these are fantastic for bulk, air and moisture lock out storage. The Millers own Read more

My manual grain mill grinds so fine.

If you are looking for a hand powered manual mill for milling grains, and dry items into flour, but also want to mill moist, sprouted and oily seeds - there are very few on the market. The BEST manual grain mill I have EVER had the chance to get my hands on is: The Wondermill […] Read more

Whole Grains; a vital part of a plant-based diet

The CDC, FDA and many other American government agencies are taking a serious look at supporting a plant-based diet. Why the sudden turn? Perhaps they are finally realizing that a plant-based diet has long time been recommended by experts in the fight against cancer, diabetes and obesity. All of which are hot topics and health […] Read more