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New Mother's Day Treat in next newsletter

Be sure to sign up for the next newsletter. It is sure to be a treat for Mother's Day (oh, but it will be out next week!) Speaking of Mother's Day there are two GREAT sales going on until Mother's Day (or while supplies last, we sold out last sale within 2 days!): ! Both […] Read more

Oats are more than porridge or gruel!

Whole Oats (usually Whole Rolled Oats) are a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Whole oats have been proven to help reduce cholesterol levels and make a great healthy breakfast that will keep you contented all the way until lunch. Oats are very seldom sold with the hull left on for eating. You […] Read more

The Fiber Factor

Ahh, the 'fiber factor'; it's hard to ignore it, especially as we age or travel or take a serious look at our eating habits. The benefits of fiber are written everywhere: It is known as "Nature's Broom." It fills you up more for that satisfied feeling. Fiber rich diets may help detour colon cancer. ?????? […] Read more

More Q & A's: Hard, Soft, Red, White – what wheat for what?

Greetings! Below is a question from a dear customer who is really excited about learning the value of healthy food storage and milling at home. As I answered the question privately, my thoughts were that many people may be wondering the same thing! So, I wanted to share it with you all! Please feel free […] Read more

Whole Grain left-over blender waffles

What to do with the whole grains that are left over? There is an easy to follow recipe that I use and have made a video for you to try the same steps. If we have even just a little left over oatmeal and grits - we don't throw them away! This recipe makes the […] Read more