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Question and Answer: Sub bread (hot dog & burger buns too)

This question came to me from a dear lady who has just grown leaps and bounds in her knowledge of eating healthy and caring for her family! Hopefully her question and the following answer will help inspire you to 'think outside the bread-box' and make more whole wheat breads for many options! Question: " hi […] Read more

Loaf Bread Question and Answers: Split and lopsided

Question: "I did it all as the book directed, right down to to the exact ingredients. I used their techniques. It rose nicely. I shaped beautiful loaves. Then, as they rose, they split open and made for an uneven and lopsided loaf. What happened? What might I do if I see it happening again?" Answers: […] Read more

Questions and Answers about loaf bread

QUESTION: Also when I get it [bread] out of the pan sometimes it is nice on the top but close to the bottom it looks more dense(not as airy) can you tell me why? Did I not wait long enough at the second rise? ?????? ???? ???? ????????????? ANSWER: Two potential reasons: ~ If the […] Read more

Or did I let it sit too long or not long enough?

A continuation of the previous question.... Or did I let it sit too long or not long enough? Answer: ~ If it sits too long it will actually also sink (without touching) while baking. Remember "double in size" is not relative to the pan The size rise is relative to the dough. It won't look […] Read more