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Another question about fresh milled whole wheat bread: The rise, punch and shape

Does the dough shrink after you touch it? ????? ??? ?????? ??????????? ????????? ????? ? ??????? ????? ??????? 12 ~ Any time the dough is in the risen state - if you touch it it will flop/shrink. That is why after the first rise, it is punched down (compacted again) and the two finger pounce […] Read more

Question and Answer to Fresh Milled Bread Baking

For the next few weeks, it is our hope to address some of the questions we get from people who are new to fresh milled bread baking. We have many questions come in every day and we hope to compile a list of FAQs to post here with the answers. The first question is always: […] Read more

Whole Grain Breakfast Cookies Recipe

The next recipe to go out for this newsletter is: Whole Grain Breakfast Cookies Wholesome and quick out the door is the best benifit to this recipe! Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter! Read more