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Make ahead whole grain muffins

If your mornings are as rushed as ours are, there is a way to make a great warm, wholesome, whole grain breakfast without the long prep time. You can even use your own recipe! First simply substitute the flour in your recipe for 100% freshly milled flour. It's whole grain and provides all the nutrients […] Read more

Millet, the under used grain.

Millet is not really bird seed. It looks like bird seed but it is a wonderful grain for human consumption as well. What cannot be made with millet? Yeast breads. There isn't enough gluten in the grain to make a loaf. What can be made with Millet? Many things. Millet can be cooked and added […] Read more

Milling pastry flour at home to eat more whole grains.

A word about the 'pastry flour' from fresh milled grains. You can mill pastry flour from soft wheat (vs. the hard wheat that make good loaf bread) but it will not be silky smooth like bagged flour because the hulls (aka: bran., fiber) are not separated. You could sift it to get some of them […] Read more