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Long Term Items: Organic Grains and Beans (Legumes)

If you are stocking up your long term pantry, the two biggest items (both in amount and weight) will likely be the dry goods of grains and beans. We are getting a new shipment of these long term commodities on Friday, October 24th. Be sure to visit our store site at: Also, if you […] Read more

Easy Whole Wheat Bread Video!

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10 Tips on How to Look for the Good Bread

2. Be very careful, 'wheat' bread sound just as healthy as 'whole wheat' bread but its merely a blend of white and whole wheat flour. Remember that a product labeled 'whole wheat' must be made from 100 percent whole wheat flour. 3. Choose breads with at least 2 grams of fiber per slice. 4. If […] Read more
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The Base of the Food Pyramid – Whole Grains

The base of the New Food Pyramid is still grains - but the focus has turned to make sure there are more WHOLE grains, not just empty starch. Interestingly enough though you can see (if you click on the image) that the allowance is for only half of the grains to be whole grain. My […] Read more