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Grains and Beans help stretch food dollars.

Years ago we started increasing our intake of whole grains and milling fresh flour at home. The health results have been only ONE of the benefits to this move. We also have realized a great amount of savings in the grocery bill. Now with food prices higher than ever, we are adding more dried beans […] Read more

Whole Grain Pancakes

Pancakes are an easy, fast and tasty breakfast, or even a nice late night dinner. When made with whole grains, these fluffy treats add the bonus of fiber and nutrition that is missing from a box-mix. Pancakes can be made with buckwheat (not a grain but a seed), oatmeal, cornmeal, wheat, Ezekiel Flour (for a […] Read more

Thinking of buying a NutriMill? Watch this first….

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New inventory of Organic Grains

We got another shipment of organic grains in today. Our inventory now includes: ORGANIC White Basmati Rice ORGRANIC Brown Basmati Rice ORGANIC Spelt ORGANIC Barley We still have a wide variety of Wheats - both organic and chemical free to choose from. Rice was back ordered for MANY weeks! We are happy to have some […] Read more