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Wheat, the most popular of grains

Wheat is one of the earliest and most popular of all the grains. It is the basis for baked goods across the globe. In its whole grain version, wheat contains plenty of B vitamins, vitamin E, and amino acids. Whole wheat flour can be substituted for white flour in all baked goods. Make sure to […] Read more

You Need Good Nutrition

Nutrition is about what you put in your body. It is a extensive subject. However, this articles primary focus will be on food, since that is a big part of a persons overall health. A healthy diet that has natural foods such as veggies, fruits, whole grains, protein (lean meats), and dairy (low fat) is […] Read more

The ‘rebirth’ of Quinoa!

Quinoa (pronounced KeenWah) has been enjoying a rebirth from it’s origin as a sacred grain to the early Incas, thanks to its high protein and calcium content and sweet and nutty flavor. Most quinoa is white in color before you cook it and then becomes almost semi-transparent with a little "tag" (which is actually the […] Read more

Corn – The versatile Grain.

Ninety percent of the corn grown in the US today is fed to livestock. Although mostly used as feed, corn is still one of the most popular grains for cooking and eating, predominantly in both North and South America. There are different types of corn cultivated for different purposes: Sweet corn you eat on the […] Read more
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